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     How to build chest 5 secrets of professional bodybuilders

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    How to build chest 5 secrets of professional bodybuilders Empty
    СтворюватиТема: How to build chest 5 secrets of professional bodybuilders   How to build chest 5 secrets of professional bodybuilders Icon_minitime11.05.20 21:17

    There is an opinion that the question "how to build chest" is very simple. As most experts assure, the classic bench press is the best exercise for building large pectoral muscles. Make the base to failure, and then on ... But why then are professional bodybuilders extremely rarely performing the usual bench press while lying down, and their chest looks huge in weight and perfect in shape? Read about how champions actually shake their stanozolol in italia breasts, read in our article.

    In the matter of building large muscles, from a professional point of view, the growth of muscle mass of the breast is no longer a mystery. A large, wide chest, worked from top to bottom, is not a whim of nature, not a gift of heaven, these are high technologies of modern bodybuilding. And in order to transform the chest from a lagging muscle group into an object of pride, you need to train your chest correctly, following these rules:

    Rule 1. Upper chest first

    A classic bench press lying on a horizontal bench is an excellent basic exercise for the top of the body. But for the development of a beautiful and powerful breast, it is most useless, because 90% of the load during the bench press goes to the lower parts of the pectoral muscles, but the top of the chest is not included in the work at all. Therefore, in the vast majority of lovers, the lower chest looks overdeveloped, and the upper section is chronically behind. But here the stars of bodybuilding pump their breasts in a different way. 80% of the pectoral muscle training complex of any professional are exercises performed on an inclined bench.

    Conclusion: the priority principle works the best in bodybuilding - the most important muscle segment should be the first to train, and the lion's share of the time should be devoted specifically to its development.

    How to build chest 5 secrets of professional bodybuilders Chest_feature

    Rule 2. Maximum amplitude

    The times have already passed when muscle mass was the decisive argument in the battle for the champion title. Form, symmetry, balance, thats what the judges at competitions are now paying attention to. Pumping up a large chest is not enough, it must be stretched across the width and give an ideal shape. Therefore, professional athletes perform all chest exercises with the maximum possible amplitude. To achieve the greatest stretching of the pectoral muscles they are helped by dumbbells, exercise machines and free-balance machines.

    Conclusion: exercises with a barbell perfectly build the total muscle mass of the chest and shoulder girdle, but only exercises with an extended trajectory of movement help in creating truly wide and powerful pectoral muscles.

    Rule 3. Strength does not mean mass

    If this were not so, then the biggest muscle mass was not possessed by bodybuilders, but weightlifters. But its enough to look at the siloviki acting in the light weight category to understand that strength is not mass. You can easily press the bar 3-4 times their weight and not have a large and wide chest. The growth of strength indicators depends not so much on muscle volumes, but on the strength and endurance of ligaments, joints and tendons. If you want to reap in the hall more than anyone else, then your training complex must be built on the basis of exercises with a small (4-6) number of repetitions.

    And if the development priority is a set of chest muscle mass, the number of repetitions in the approach can be much higher (12-20). It is scientifically proven that the largest number of muscle fibers is included in the work after 30 seconds of continuous load. Professionals know this, so they often use multi-repetitive training, using various methods of intensification of the process.

    Conclusion: pump pectoral muscles with the use of superstes, trisets, drop sets, partial and negative repetitions - this means significantly increasing the amount of load on the muscles without increasing the training time.

    Rule 4. One-way training

    It just seems that both parts of our body are equally developed. In fact, some part of the body, right or left, is stronger and more massive. Therefore, professionals often include in their set of exercises for chest movements performed by each hand in order to balance both parts of the body in development. But another important advantage of unilateral training of the pectoral muscles is its high efficiency, due to its stressful nature. It was through such a system that Tony Freeman, a bodybuilding star nicknamed X-man, pumped his pectoral muscles, because alternately performing bench presses significantly reduces the load on the deltas and triceps, sending it straight to the pectoral muscles.

    Conclusion: you can use one-sided training of the chest even with the usual bench press of dumbbells, and on block simulators, and in free-balance machines, the main thing is not to get carried away with the size of the weight and carefully monitor the technique of exercises.

    How to build chest 5 secrets of professional bodybuilders How-to-Build-Chest-Muscles-Getting-the-Pecs-You-Want

    Rule 5. Alignment to the middle

    The muscles of the middle of the chest are small, but extremely important. They divide it into two equal halves, giving the breast visual power and volume. All competing athletes are well aware of this, and therefore give the development of the middle chest the second most important value after gaining muscle mass in the upper segment. All the charm in the development of the middle of the chest is that in ordinary life this muscle area is rarely included in the work, so developing it is quite simple.

    Performing 1-2 specialized exercises after the main array of bench presses, allows you to pump up the middle of the chest in a short time.

    But just do not think that since this muscle section is small, you need to train it at a walking pace. Hard work with an accentuated delay in the arms in front of the chest at the end point of movement is the condition for building a deep and powerful middle of the pectoral muscles.

    Conclusion: the middle of the chest is a small but incredibly important muscle section, work on development, which needs to be focused and hard.
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    How to build chest 5 secrets of professional bodybuilders

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